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Want to start cycling to work ? Here is how !

Want to start cycling to work? Here is how

Cycling is being backed as an alternative to public transport and the government has said it will put hundreds of millions into creating this infrastructure.

However, if recent surveys are anything to go by, many people think cycling on the road is too dangerous.

The Bikeability Trust’s Paul Robison breaks down how to hit the road with confidence.


Coronavirus: Cycling numbers in Scotland jump during lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has prompted a big increase in cycling across Scotland, according to a national monitoring scheme.

Automatic cycle counters at 60 locations found in some places the number of cyclists more than doubled.

The biggest increases were observed in the Dunfermline, Newton Mearns and Dundee.

Cyclists are urged to practice social distancing by staying at least two metres away from others….

Coronavirus: Cycling numbers in Scotland jump during lockdown

Boris Johnson unveils £5bn boost for bus and cycle funding

New five year funding package to deliver at least 4,000 zero emission buses and a series of ‘Mini Holland’ cycle infrastructure plans

Boris Johnson will today announce a £5bn boost to the UK’s green transport infrastructure, promising to overhaul bus and cycle routes outside of London as part of his plans to ‘level up’ the UK’s regional…

Boris Johnson unveils £5bn boost for bus and cycle funding

Urban Mobility For The Modern Worker


With more and more of us living a gig lifestyle, the office can be anywhere with a power socket, an Internet connection and decent coffee. Whether a coworking space, a cafe, the local library or on-site with a client, there are any number of places you can call “home” at any given time.

For such a transient way of working, a bicycle is a great way of getting about, especially given the congested nature of most cities. Earlier this year a study from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) highlighted just how much more beneficial it is than other forms of transport … (click link above for the full article)