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Bikes in Bucks

A case-study of cycle infrastructure in car-centric
Buckinghamshire, UK

How has planning in Beaconsfield changed cycle infrastructure over time? How has local and national government influenced mobility? Why did the ‘Little Holland’ cycle scheme flop? Jacob Leman, a Geography student at a Dutch university and Beaconsfield native, explores the past, present, and future of cycling in Buckinghamshire, and asks: what can we do to make cycling a real mode of transport, and promote sustainable liveability?

This policy essay is part of the course SP2 Government Dynamics, a Year 2 course at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen.

I asked my professors and they recommend you at least include the last part of this, as free advertising for my course! Jacob

By Jacob Leman
SP2 Governance Dynamics

“Enjoy Beaconsfield” Cycles

Following the success of our Beaconsfield walks map, we have now launched a cycling version. If you’re looking to explore our beautiful area, take a look at our local walks and cycles. Thanks to a grant from the Local Area Forum last year and the Roland Callingham Foundation this year, the Beaconsfield Society has mapped out shorter and longer routes for you to follow – within just 5 minutes walking or cycling from almost anywhere in Beaconsfield, you can reach hidden spaces, rural paths and open countryside. 

Here are 6 circular cycle routes in and around Beaconsfield. These have been selected with safety in mind, highlighting busy road crossings in particular, but “Enjoy Beaconsfield” at your own risk. Always check your lights, brakes and tyres before you set off.

New Walking and Cycling Route

The Buckinghamshire Greenway

The ‘Buckinghamshire Greenway’ is a unique and emerging vision for a transformational walking and cycling route stretching from Milton Keynes and Brackley to Uxbridge and Heathrow Airport, forming the north-south spine of a future countywide walking and cycling network made up of a series of local links.

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Times letters: Cycling revolution could improve all our lives

Sir, Jawad Iqbal is right to be concerned (“Nimbys are putting the brakes on our cycling revolution”, July 20), not just for cyclists, but also for the millions for whom driving is simply not an option. In Greater Manchester, where I work, one third of households do not have access to a car. Without a safe alternative to public transport — which can only operate safely at 30 per cent capacity — hundreds of thousands will be forced on to crowded buses, trams and trains or will not travel at all. In many places, even before schools return, services are at capacity.

This road space is not being given up for cyclists, it is being made available for shop workers, carers, NHS staff …

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Want to start cycling to work ? Here is how !

Want to start cycling to work? Here is how

Cycling is being backed as an alternative to public transport and the government has said it will put hundreds of millions into creating this infrastructure.

However, if recent surveys are anything to go by, many people think cycling on the road is too dangerous.

The Bikeability Trust’s Paul Robison breaks down how to hit the road with confidence.