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Four new cycle racks in Beaconsfield

We are pleased to say that four new cycle
racks have been installed at the Council
Green outside Waitrose. They are in the
shape of penny farthings so as to be in
keeping with the history of the town.
They were paid for by the Beaconsfield
Cycle Path Action Group using money
donated by Adrian Busby, while he was
leader of the District Council and from an
anonymous donor and supporter. We are
very grateful to both of these people for
the funds. Please use the racks whenever
you cycle into town to do a few rounds
and want to leave your bike while you pop
into Waitrose, the charity shops across the
road, the banks… or anything else that you
might have in mind.
Fiona Wilson

Source: Beaconsfield Community Magazine July 2018 p10


More and more people over the age of
55 are getting into cycling, thanks to
the increasingly popular e-bike. ‘Silver
cyclists,’ in fact, account for nearly
two thirds of e-bikes sales in the UK,
according to research by Halfords.
And no wonder: the e-bikes have a
built-in battery to help riders on more
difficult hills or terrain. Now all we need
are safer places to cycle: more than a
third of us would cycle more if British
roads had dedicated cycle lanes.

Source: Beaconsfield Community Magazine July 2018 p35


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